Headquartered in Switzerland, UBS is a global investment banking and asset management firm that operates in over 50 countries and is the second biggest worldwide company managing personal wealth. UBS oversees approximately $2.2 trillion in client assets and is classified as a bulge bracket company, meaning that it is among the world's most profitable investment banking institutions.

UBS services individual investors, small businesses, and large corporations alike. The range of its services includes:

  • Overseeing mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring
  • Providing clients with innovative market trend research
  • Trading and managing equities
  • Underwriting loans

UBS esteems itself on its ability to cultivate long-term client relationships, achieve sustainable earnings, and generate shareholder value that is unmatched by other bulge bracket corporations. For its corporate clients, UBS takes pride in helping firms preserve their reputation by overseeing responsible financial conduct.

UBS Faces Stock Fraud Allegations

Despite being a multi-national financial powerhouse that has been acclaimed for its consistent and accurate equities research, UBS has come under fire for a range of stock fraud allegations, the most recent of which include:

  • Misleading investors by concealing a liquidity crisis and overstating the "supply and demand" from the primary to secondary market in Puerto Rico, where both markets were controlled by UBS. This unethical, illegal behavior was made public in May 2012.
  • Allowing a rogue trader to trigger more than $2 billion in losses for other investors. News of this misconduct came to light in September 2011.
  • Helping some corporate clients commit tax evasion by failing to file the necessary paperwork to the appropriate agencies. These allegations surfaced in April 2010.

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